Everything You Need to Know About Nightmare Before Christmas’s Zero


Zero Fetched

Zero the dog is one of the fan-favorite characters from the popular stop-motion animated film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. In addition to appearing in the original film, Zero has appeared in various spin-offs and other media related to the Nightmare Before Christmas franchise. Whether you’re a new fan to the film or a diehard ‘Nightmare’ fanatic, the following is everything you need to know about Zero.

You could recreate his house if you wanted to.

He’s not the only ‘undead’ Burton dog

Dogs have played a role in three of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated films: Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and Frankenweenie. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero is a ghostly dog who is the loyal companion of Jack Skellington; in Corpse Bride, Scraps is the former dog (now a skeleton of his former self!) of the main hero, Victor; and in Frankenweenie, Sparky is raised from the dog by his young, science-loving owner after his untimely passing.

He makes appearances in several video games

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge is a video game sequel to the original film. Although Zero doesn’t plain a main role in the story, and is not a playable character, the player makes use of Zero several times in order to sniff out bad guys and clues. The player can even visit Zero’s home during the game!

Zero also makes appearances in several Kingdom Hearts games, although is only seen in the background for both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. In Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Zero alerts the main character and Jack Skellington to any “Heartless” monsters nearby.

Nobody knows who provided Zero’s vocal effects

The barks, growls and other noises heard from Zero during The Nightmare Before Christmas film were voiced by an unknown person! To this day, the source of Zero’s voice in the original film is unknown. Some people believe that it may have been Bill Farmer or Frank Welker, who both performed work on the film.

Zero was meant to parallel Rudolf

The character of Zero was meant to parallel aspects of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer—and it’s not just his bright red nose that connects him to the most famous reindeer of all. Another parallel between the two is that it is Zero who leads Jack Skellington to the Christmas Tree door which leads him to Christmas Town and sparks his desire to make Christmas his own!

Little Bit You Didn’t Know About Nick Jonas

Born on September 16th 1992 in Dallas, Texas, Nicholas Jonas was later raised in Wyckoff, Jew Jersey. Nick is also an actor and songwriter in addition to being a singer. Nick is the younger of his two brothers Kevin and Joe, and all three of them played music together as they were growing up. Nick was the first to be discovered when he was with his mother as she got a haircut at a hair salon and he was overheard singing. Only six at the time, this was when he was referred to a professional show business manager. Seven-year-old Nick started his life as a singer on Broadway. He appeared in The Madison Square Garden Production of The Christmas Carol as Tiny Tim, and he also acted as a replacement alternate in Beauty and the Beast, and Les Miserables. He served as a replacement in Annie Get Your Gun which featured Reba McEntire. Nick and his father wrote a Christmas song together while Nick was working on Broadway, and it was during that time that he was discovered by Columbia Records. In 2004 he was signed to the label as a solo artist, but his brothers Kevin and Joe co-wrote several songs with him, leading to the eventual formation of the famous three-bother pop band, the Jonas Brothers.
 photo NICKJONAS_zpsubmmcna7.jpg
Their first album, It’s About Time, was released on August 8th of 2006. It was a limited release of 50,000 copies because Sony wasn’t invested in promoting the band any further. The Jonas Brothers left Columbia Records in 2007 and then signed with Hollywood Records. Their second album Jonas Brothers was quite a hit, released on August 7th of 2007 and climbing to number five on Billboard 200 chart. It sold more than three million copies around the world. The Jonas Brothers saw wild success, starring in movies and a reality TV show on Disney Channel. After many years of success, tours, albums, and various other jobs, the Jonas Brothers split up on October 29th, 2013.

Nick Jonas Jealous Video

Aside from the Jonas Brothers Nick was involved in a band called Nick Jonas and the Association, who released their first album Who I Am on February 2nd, 2010, and in January of the same year the band left on their Who I Am Tour. Nick made his West End debut performing Les Miserables on June 21st, 2010. The second time he appeared in the play he took a role as Marius, but the first time as a boy he had played Gavroche. He played Marius again on October 3rd, 2010 in the 25th Anniversary Concert at The O2 Arena. Nick performed in the musical Hairspray as Link Larkin, and he also made appearances on Mr. Sunshine and Last Man Standing.

Nick Jonas Singer

As Nick Jonas gets older his roles become more mature. In 2014 he stared in the thriller Careful What You Wish For. He plays the role of Nate Kulina on Kingdom, and he has made several new singles including “Chains” and “Jealous.” The eighth season of The Voice will feature Nick Jonas as guest mentor for Christina Aguilera’s team on The Battle Rounds. At s9.com, you can get access to excellent entertainment on the Internet.

Why Viewers Love the Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of the top-rated shows of all time, and is consistently ranked as #1 or #2 in the ratings on Sunday nights—sometimes, it even beats out football. The show, based on a comic book series of the same name, has quickly amassed a large amount of fans that can’t get enough of the series. But why is The Walking Dead so popular? What about the show makes it appeal to so many people, who continue to watch the show even after four seasons?

Walking dead AMC

It’s got great characters
There is a character for just about everybody in The Walking Dead. If you like take-no-prisoners badasses, there’s Rick post season 2; if you’re looking for female characters with an edge, there’s post season 2 Carol and every season of Michonne; there’s Daryl, for people who like strong characters with secret hearts of gold; there’s Glenn, for people who like intelligent characters who use their brain more than brawn; there’s Hershel and pre-death Dale, for people who want a wise old man who acts as the voice of reason—and so on. Viewers love to connect with the characters in the TV shows they watch, and The Walking Dead provides ample opportunity for viewers to find someone (or multiple someones) to connect with.

It’s got intense action
Although the show does have some lulls in action, when the show gets intense—it’s very intense. The show has gruesome zombie kills, nail biting chase scenes, and even shoot out fights that can leave you breathless. The show’s director is excellent at shooting action and manages to put viewers in the front row of the carnage—whether they want to be there or not! This type of action is relatively rare on TV shows and is usually reserved for feature films, which makes The Walking Dead unique on TV.

Mr Grimes

It has an emotional core
Yes, the show has action; yes, the show has kickass characters. But it also has a great emotional core at its center that elevates the show above the typical zombie movie or action series. The Walking Dead makes you care about these characters, their relationships, and their ultimate fate. It can even make you question your own morality and your own ability to make decisions in a seemingly impossible world, and make you ask: “If it were me, what would I do?”



Beauty And The Beast TV Series

Beauty and the Beast (CW) portrays the beauty and the beast in ways no viewer has ever seen them. A childhood trauma leads Catherine Chandler, or Cat, to become a detective when she grows up. The trauma also introduced mysteries into her life that, even as an adult, she has no answers to. When her mother and she are attacked and her mother is killed, Cat sees some kind of beast as it protects her from getting killed also. Later in life, after becoming a detective, Catherine learns of her mother’s involvement in an experiment. This may have been what led to her death but Catherine isn’t sure how or why at first.

When a case she is working on leads Catherine to Vincent Keller, a former soldier, Catherine finds out that he knew her mother. After years of being in the dark about the details of her mother’s death and the reasons behind it, Catherine is finally able to ask the questions she has had for so long. He said her mother had been involved in an experiment to help build super soldiers for the government. These super soldiers had a flaw, however. They would turn into uncontrollable, unhindered beasts set on destruction. It may have been her work on this experiment that led to her getting killed and one of the super soldiers that protected her that night.

Lead Actors

While many of the super soldiers had died, Vincent had managed to escape alive he is still being hunted by the very same organization that killed Cat’s mother. As a result, he has faked his own death and withdrawn from society, choosing to live in seclusion than to face death daily. It was Vincent, who had been tracking the source of attacks placed on the soldiers that night that Catherine’s mother and Cat were attacked. The act of saving her life brought Vincent closer to Catherine. When Catherine finds out that it was Vincent that saved her, she feels a pull towards him and they begin a love affair.

The organization that killed Catherine’s mother, Muirfield, is still trying to kill everyone involved in the experiment, which means that Catherine and Vincent are still in danger. Because of Muirfield’s harrassment, Catherine loses some of her closest friends. She can’t explain to her sister or her partner because of the secrecy of the project and Muirfield’s involvement in trying to silence her and Vincent forever. This leaves her at an even higher disadvantage when she needs the support she is used to having and canët confide in them to get it.

Upon finding one another again, Vincent and Catherine form a deep bond. However, it appears that this will end tragically when the beauty and the beast are separated when Catherine is kidnapped by a man that wants to lure Vincent out of hiding. The man is Lowan, the Assistant District Attorney. He is assigned the task of closing cases that involve the beast. His superiors think it is some kind of vigilante that they want stopped. Lowan doesn’t want to play by the rules in finding the beast and picks up on Catherine’s attachment to it. Ultimately, Lowan is successful in getting the beast but is wounded when people show up in a helicopter to take possession of the beast he has worked so hard to get. The men grab the beast up and take it away, leaving Catherine alone and causing her to lose the man/beast she loves.

When Catherine is reunited with Vincent, he has been changed. He looks different physically and he doesn’t remember her. His beast-like abilities have also been given a supercharge. He is on a mission that Catherine can’t figure out. Now, she has two mysteries. She needs to find out what mission he has been sent on and she needs to find out about what has changed him. She wants to help him but she also wants the man that she loves back so they can continue their lives together.

In the process of losing the beast and getting hurt, Assistant District Attorney Lowen has had a change of heart and offers his resouces. Catherine accepts this help and enlists the help of Tess and JT. Together, the foursome try to unravel the mysteries that surround Vincent and his newly acquired mission.

The storyline leads viewers down an exciting and action-packed adventure where the original role of Bell is replaced by a modern woman with independent ways and a strong heart that stays faithful to her mate. It’s a whole new twist on a centuries old tale.

Star Trek TV And Movie History Graphic


Check out this web page for more details about the history of
Star Trek movies and TV episodes.

MacGyver TV Series

macgyverI love when pop culture crosses over into everyday vernacular.  When someone is able to “MacGyver” something, it means they jury rig into functioning.  Any home handyman is considered to be a bit of a MacGyver.  In fact, anyone that uses their brain to fix a technical problem with nothing more than duct tape and a Swiss Army Knife could be considered a MacGyver.

For those that have lived in a cave for the last 30 years, MacGyver was an action adventure show starring the one and only Richard Dean Anderson as a semi-professional secret agent working for the US government, sent into tight spots to foil the bad guys plans, save the damsel in distress or get information necessary to national security.

But MacGyver was not just some spy guy, he worked for his boss Pete Thornton at the Phoenix Foundation and went on assignments that he cared about, only when he was needed, never for money and never used firearms, instead focusing on his extensive knowledge of chemistry, physics, and mechanical engineering.

There was also his best bud, Jack Dalton, the high flying pilot and wannabe daredevil always on the lookout for the next big thing.  Or next big paycheck to be more precise.  Jack always had some scheme up his sleeve to get rich quick and things never worked out well for either of them and oftentimes it was ol’ MacGyver pulling Jack’s behind out of the fire.

There are tons of engineers or inventors in the worl

MacGyver intro scene

d that owe their careers to MacGyver.  I took a bigger interest in the physical sciences because of this show and my interest in building things, just being a guy that tinkers with whatever is around, was encouraged by watching him do his thing.  MacGyver could build a bomb out of a stick of gum and some aluminum foil.  He was a genius.

Richard Dean Anderson, with his Mid-West charm and easy going attitude, was the perfect guy to play the character.  He is smart, resourceful, he’s great with children… what’s not to like?  MacGyver was an awesome character and awesome entertainment.   I frequently watch old reruns on late night television. I sure an glad I can find the reruns.


Little House on the Prairie

Little House On The Prairie

Little House On The Prairie

One of my favorite childhood memories is watching The Little House on the Prairie with my family.  My sister and I loved it.  And our mom introduced us to it.  It’s that way with a lot of shows.  Your parents love them so they pass them on to you.  I am glad we were able to experience such a wonderful show.

Based on a series of novels by real life frontier woman Laura Ingalls, The Little House on the Prairie begins as her young family travels across pioneer era America, circa 1870’s through 1880’s.  The stories and characters do deviate in many ways from the actual real life events but so what?  It works the way it is.

Charles and Caroline Ingalls, played by the legendary TV actor Michael Landon and Karen Grassle respectively, were one of the best “TV” parents anyone could ever hope for.  Along with their three daughters, Mary, Laura and Carrie, they attempt to build a live for themselves in a part of the country that was both challenging and at times, very unforgiving.

Cast Reunion 2011

I loved Victor French as Mr. Edwards, the lovable, grizzled neighbor.  He was on again, off again during the series as his character came and went, but for the most part, he served as their closest friend and ally during tough times.  All the trials and tribulations they went through over the course of the show’s run is staggering.  During a full 203 episodes and three made for TV films, the Ingalls family was pushed around by tragedy every step of the way, including a newborn son’s death, one of the daughters going blind, and the loss of friends and family members.

I think this was one of the appeals for me as a child watching Little House.  The Ingalls were as tough as their environment.  I remember an early episode where Charles made a deal with a man to move some sacks of grain and had only a small amount of time to get it done or he wouldn’t get paid.  Charles hurt his ribs and was in constant pain trying to move the bags and it was obvious he wasn’t going to make it in time, ensuring his family would starve for the foreseeable future.  His small children pitch in to help but they are much too tiny to do it well enough and time is running out.

Just as things looked their grimmest, Charles is saved by the townsfolk who, upon seeing his plight, decide to pitch in and help him carry the bags.  They get the job done just in time and work together, showing the power of generosity and team spirit.

Little House many episodes with similar themes of humanity standing together against adversity and I cherish each one.

Dish Network Satellite TV Just Got Better

Dish Network Commercial

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Dish has started providing Dish Anywhere services for a more satisfying and complete viewing experience from any location. All you need is a tablet, smartphone or laptop and you can watch your movies, live channels and recorded programming from the coffee shop, the break room at work or the commute home. You can stream this programming with a wifi connection or watch something you downloaded before you leave your house in the morning. Find out more details about Dish Network Programming Packages over at https://www.cannonsatellitetv.com/dish-network-packages.html.

In order to fully utilize the Dish Anywhere service, you have the option of using the DISH Hopper, an HD-DVR that skips commercials and helps you find the remote. The Hopper can play up to four different shows on four different sets at the same time. You have more than 2,000 hours of storage for standard definition shows and up to 250 hours of HD content. Use the choice selections the Hopper can store to give yourself some entertainment while you are grid locked in traffic. It’s the perfect companion for any busy family.

You can also use your Dish TV Anywhere service to access the thousands of movie and programming selections you have available to your through Blockbuster@Home and the Dish On Demand service. Blockbuster@Home is an in-home rental service that provides you with programming, movies and games you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. With remote access, you can take the movies and programming with you. Dishnetwork On Demand is a huge collection of more than 15,000 titles that include new movie releases and tons of other programming options.

Dish Network Streams anywhere

All of these services are offered with a variety of programming packages that include English and International programming options. Find out more about International Programming at http://www.tvdonewright.com/dish-network-International-.html. You can also have three different services on a single discounted rate per month. DishTV offers Bundled packages for a lower monthly rate and quality services.

Time Warner Cable Deals In NYC Just Got Better

With all the great features and options that Time Warner Cable in New York City has to offer, it is easy to see why so many families make it their main provider for home entertainment and communications. Time Warner Cable NYC has the newest services and better rates than many other providers that offer the same services.

Time Warner Cable Centre

Time Warner Cable TV can give a home the convenience of a DVR or HD-DVR. This means that families get to see the channels and specific programming they are paying for, no matter what their schedules look like.

This DVR, or the HD-DVR can record hours of programming in the same quality of definition it aired in originally. This DVR can record on multiple channels at one time or play back recorded programming while recording more. There are no more missed shows because every channel the family is paying for can be recorded and stored for viewing later.

The large channel selection and the DVRs also come with a large On Demand selection, with more than 10,000 viewing choices that include new movie releases, music videos, sports programs and episodes from popular TV shows. These selections are available 24/7, giving even more for the value of the programming package.

Parents do not need to worry about what their children are watching when they aren’t around due to the Parental Controls that Time Warner Cable TV provides. These free Controls make sure that programming on the channel package and programming stored to the DVR are off limits if parents don’t approve.

With Time Warner Cable TV in New York, NY, families get more than 250 channels and a large selection of Free HD channels. This means a wide assortment of programming for all the age groups in the home.

With Time Warner Cable, families also get the benefit of the Time Warner Cable Internet service. This online service is delivered with incredibly fast broadband speeds that can deliver online games and HD movies in seconds. This service comes with PowerBoost, an online aid that provides extra broadband when a download needs it.

This service also offers free online security software that can help protect against viruses, bots, trojans and other online threats. This security software can also help save money from Identity Theft, since it helps protect personal information.

These services wouldn’t be complete without the free online Parental Controls that the Time Warner Cable Internet service provides. These online Parental Controls can keep the children on educational and fun sights they should be on, while blocking undesirable content.

These Parental Controls can also help parents keep track of who their children are networking with online.

When it’s time to talk to friends and loved ones, the Time Warner Cable Home Phone service is the best service to go with. It provides unlimited, anytime calling to any location in the United States and Canada, all for one low monthly rate.

This rate becomes even more valuable with the addition of up to ten digital calling features at no additional charge.

These calling features include Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, and more, to make sure that everyone gets the calls they need.

Digital home phone subscribers can also enjoy the benefits of digital voice mail.

These services can be provided in bundled service packages so that families get more of a discount, and more convenient bill pay options.

Have You Looked At the Comcast Deals Lately?

Money, hard to get, hard to keep. Phone bills go through the roof, internet is unreliable and to get good internet, you pay too much, then you have the TV programming that’s costing too much while you’re getting almost nothing.

While your searching all those sites for the perfect Cable TV provider, they can all seem to blend together. Don’t search high and low, in fact, you can stop right here, you found Comcast Cable. Get details at Special Cable Deals right now.

Comcast on Ellen

Relaxation In Television
When you finally get home from a long and grueling day of work or school, all you want to do is get into some comfortable clothes and get absorbed in your favorite show. Although, if you don’t have the channels, you can’t watch them. Comcast offers you hundreds of standard channels and free HD channels.

To keep you entertained and relaxed, they also offer you On Demand, Pay Per View and sports and movie premiums. With these menus, you can get thousands of movies and shows as well as live events like live music, sports and comedy events. Then, you can also get a DVR or HD-DVR to record all of your shows and use the fast forward, pause and rewind functions so you never miss a single beat. Also use these functions with the Pay Per View and On Demand to get the full experience.

To add on to all this, they even offer you Parental Controls. This allows you to block whole channels and shows to make sure your children are always safe. That includes when you are not there to protect them yourself.

Comcast Cable has all you need in home programming to make sure you always have what you want to relax and be entertained.

Interface for the x1

Talkative Much?
Comcast Cable does not just offer home programming, they also offer home phone. They offer you services and features that make it easy and affordable. They can give you the service of unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the USA, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

They will even offer you features that help you manage your call volume and make all the calls you need. One of the features they offer is Digital voice mail. This is the standard voice mail with all the prompts. To allow you to skip all those prompts, they also give you inbox notifications. This feature allows you to go into your email and listen, forward or delete all the messages you received at home. This helps you big time when you are traveling.

Comcast Cable can even offer you International calling, all with the same great digital calling quality that lets you hear every word.

Help From Your Internet!
Comcast Cable is not done offering you services yet, they still want to offer you high-speed broadband home internet. They do not just give you internet, they give you internet that has 100 Mbps pulsating through it. Not to mention the broadband WiFi that you can connect with from many different wireless device at once. Find out more about Comcast High Speed Internet Deals over at specialcabledeals.com/comcast-internet-specials-.html.

This kind of speed can give you all the freedom in the world. It allows you to upload, download and stream in seconds. No disconnecting or long loading times. Stream from many sites at once and still barely have to wait for it to load for you. Play your games with little or no lag and chat with friends without interruption. All this at the tips of your fingers.

Comcast Cable is still not done yet though. They also give you Parental Controls and online security software. Give of course means free and automatic. This cost nothing to you and as soon as you get internet installed, you get it. Parental Controls are great for families. It allows you to block sites, monitor online chats and even see what your children are doing online when you are not looking. Then you have the online security software that is good for anyone, this blocks trojans, bots and other online threats, that includes hackers. Everything close to you is always safe so you and breath easier.

Bundled Reliability
When you go through Comcast Cable, you can get a Bundled service package. This rolls all three of your services into one low monthly bill. Not only that but they also let you pay the bill online to save you time. When you get a Bundled service package, you can get a monthly discount to save you even more money.

What are you waiting for? Call Comcast Cable today!